University Publications The suitability of graduates to the labor market, activating the agreements and ensure the freedom of expression of interest issues

Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa, Ain Shams University President, is concerned with three issues :are The suitability of graduates for the labor market, student activities, and to increase employment opportunities for graduates, Essa demanded researcher during an interview with the magazine of Ain Shams in the first issue of this month to display his contribution to solve the problems of society, pointing out that they are working to increase the income of faculty members and staff, and turning to  their negotiates with institutions and businessmen to contribute to the provision of possibilities for university branch in Al-obour. In another interview conducted by the magazine, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz said that the era of agreements in locked drawers has ended and they are now working according to a plan to activate all agreements and study the aspects of cooperation with research institutes, specialized centers and other universities can take advantage of their expertise, he talked about the steady rise in the number of graduate students resulting from the university's efforts to overcome the obstacles in front of the students, stressing on the high proportion of scholarships because of prestigious universities to seek cooperation with the University of Ain ​​Shams, He explained that the university formed a special committee to develop a plan of new scientific research and technological development of 2012 - 2017, after review of the previous plan to complete the remaining ones, also said: we think of implementation of a portable exhibition of books and translations of university faculty members to give greater benefit opportunities for students and the rest of the teachers, Turning to the issue of the provision of food is among the issues of national security under the attention of agricultural technology which will offer solutions to the food crises, and Abdul Aziz noted that they support the Egyptian presence in the Nile Basin countries in a scientific manner.   Responsible freedom In an interview with the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and acting as Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Husseini Al-Toukhi pointed out that education is the locomotive that carried forms of development, he stressed on the need to put controls specified by the Higher Council of Universities as a mechanism for appointment of university leaders, stressing on the importance of the participation of all parties to discuss the amended regulating universities law, he said that the right of a student to express his opinion on political issues without allowing establishment of political parties activity in university, and the opinion of Essa agreed with the university president who stated that the role of the university is limited to the development of political consciousness without promoting the thought of a certain, especially since the university launched the principle of responsible freedom in dealing with students, In this context, the magazine's editorial team questioned during reportage published in one of the titles "Does political action within the university truth or a lie?" Among the professors interviewed by the magazine on the subject Prof. Dr. Ali Lela, Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, who said that students of public universities have socialism orientations, calling for the establishment of an independent committee to monitor political activity, while Prof. Dr. Asim Al-Amari ,linguistics teacher and translator in the faculty of Al-Alsun warned to the importance of learn manners of difference and agreement, and added that Egypt is now experiencing chaotic freedom. The issue of the magazine included a reference to the university's decision to increase university workers incentives to 250% instead of 200%, this has got to arrange University among the top 700 universities in the world. Financial crisis in Ain Shams Specialized Hospital Pages of the magazine included a reportage about the hospital, Ain Shams Hospital said that the hospital receives 850 patients a day on average, and there are some units that are unique to the hospital without other such units cochlear implant, nerves critical care, eye bank and cerebrovascular, in addition to the crews working in broadcast center supports a culture of prevention of smoking and seeking to make their hospital the center to reduce radiation from this scourge, with all that, the hospital needs to provide financial resources for the development and considered specialists interviewed by the magazine's editorial teams that this problem is the most important challenges faced by the specialist, especially since there are many sections , units, buildings and appliances need to be developed, The officials at the university declared that the country will not made ​​available budget of the hospital later saying it is an institution with a special account, and added that they put a plan to try to bridge the deficit in this budget and provide the required needs. The nursing development program was one of the topics raised by the magazine, where noted to set the 25 graduates of the program at University Hospitals, referring to the protocol of cooperation between the faculty of Nursing, Ain Shams University and Misr El Kheir Foundation. Alaa Fayez in Brief In a file published by the magazine, the editorial board mourned the former elected President of the University Prof. Dr. Alaa Fayez, in a speech was addressed to him “you left your love in our hearts before and after the leave, the magazine wrote down that he was Rebel President , ideal doctor ,man and the unlimited bidder, and put a on its relationship with the media, its policies and the most important decisions, the most important achievements of medical and among which was the establishment of Department of Pediatric Surgery, in addition to the cultivation of the esophagus surgeon code name in the references World Medical, in addition to liver transplantation for children and adults. In recognition of this man, his name (Alaa Faiz) was named on University and new children Hall, has been honored by the University of Istanbul within the conference of pediatric surgery, the magazine also published within it, what the media wrote about this man.