The conclusion “life without smoking” campaign at Faculty of Commerce

“smoke-free life” campaign organized by Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University for a week has confirmed that a large number of students have already quit smoking and more than ten students per week, while there are more than 150 students on their way to quit smoking during the next few years.

This came during the conclusion of the campaign of “life without smoking” and concluded a symposium held in the presence and patronage of Dr. Amr Al-Atrabi - Dean of the faculty with the participation of media man / Ala Bassiouni and artist / Mohammed Shankqiri and Nsreen Daboos, president of “ Life Without Smoking Association”.

The seminar confirmed that more than 80% of men and young people are trying to quit smoking and more than 20% have already quit smoking.

The seminar also pointed out that the supervision of children is required because of the increasing incidence of smoking among them, especially in recent years.

 President of the Student Union, Aswan family and a number of graduates attended the seminar.