Sunday, 1 January is the start of the first semester exams at Faculty of Commerce

First semester exams for students of the Faculty of Commerce of the Arab and languages divisions (English and French) will begin on Sunday, 1 January 2017 for a period of three weeks.

This was said by Prof. Dr. Amr El-Etribi, Dean of the faculty and stated that the halls and rooms are ready to receive students during exams and the emphasis on the presence of the professor a day to answer questions and queries of the students and the emphasis on the clarity of printing paper questions.

In addition to that it is also scheduled to open education exams and failures on Wednesday, 21 December and Saturday, 24 December of this month, while students begin Credits hour exams begin on Wednesday, 04/01/2017.

Prof. Dr. Amr El-Etribi declared that Prof. Dr. Abd El- Wahab Ezzat, president of the University took some new decisions on the use of mobile phones in the exams and confirmed the ban on entering the exams with mobile phones; otherwise, the student will be transfer to discipline boards and deprived of a full semester. These instructions and paintings has been suspended inside the exams halls also stressed the work of the medical center throughout the exams intensive period, and there is an ambulance to meet any emergency.

As Dr. / Mohamed Abd El Fattah, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs explained that the correction of exams will be up to date and the exams are free complications or difficulties and examinations will come through lectures and university book.

The exams starting from half past eight in the morning divided into three times each day and end at 4.30 pm, according to the published schedules for each stage and each division.