Minister of Education inaugurates the activities of Educational Qualification program at Ain Shams University

Prof. D. Mahmoud Aboul-Nasr, Minister of Education, prof. D. Hussein Essa,Ain Shams University President and D. Ali El Gamal , Dean of the Faculty of Education at university opened program events "Educational qualification for teachers is educationally qualified" on the morning of Friday on 03/01/2014 and organized by Educational Excellence Center, Faculty of Education at Ain Shams University in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the professional Academy for education.

This program comes within the framework of keeping pace with modern educational trends that require getting qualified and distinct manpower that is able to global competition to activate the positive role played by the faculty of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the development of the educational process in general and the teacher in particular.

A large number of teachers from different functional grades of workers in education is educationally qualified in addition to a number of teachers of private schools were applied to that program.

The program lasts 11 weeks and lectures in it a team of teachers and educational experts who specialize in the field of education and teaching methods.